Thursday, October 2, 2008

Justyna F. (2g)


Born on December 4th 1994,

Resident of Lublin,

Clever, beutiful and shy

Friend of nature,

Who loves mathematics, the Sims 2 and songs by Avril Lavigne,

Who is afraid of mice,

Who worries about the last physics test, quarrel with friend and quarrel with another friend,

Who "wants" to see Eminem :(

And who dreams of a blouse from Abbey Dawn (new clothing line by Avril Lavigne)

Justyna, class II "g"


Kasia II g said...

Hahah :)
Justyna ! I like your post very much :) speciallity for Eminem ;P
And it's funny :)

Best wishes :*

Madzia W. 2G said...

This is owesome hihi !
I like your post.
I like sims 2 too, but i don't like maths.

see you :*

Montse Montes 3ºC said...


I am Montse.

I like the sims 2 too

it is the best game!

and his espansions : pets , hobbies , 4 estations.... are very many and the sims 3 is coming in 2009

Bye bye!

JoSe!!!!!!! said...

I´m thirteen years old,the first of noverber is my birthday.
I live in Infiesto (Asturias).
I like animals and "The sims 2".

paulbuch said...

oh I like Avril Lavinge too.I think she is cool.

Beatlegirl said...

hey, you like maths! strange ;)

_GoToSleep_ said...

Hehe !

The sims 2 ? ^^ Nice game .

On January 2009 will be new game - The Sims 3... ^^