Friday, October 3, 2008

Martyna (1b)

Born on March 11th,
Resident of Lublin.
Impulsive, unorganised and eccentric.
Friend of her camera.
Who loves The Beatles, the sixties rock and hippies.
Who is afraid of war,
Who worries about intolerance, war in Iraq and racism.
Who wants to see Monty Python live and Hair musical.
And who dreams of going back to the sixties.

PS: All the photos except The Beatles are mine, the dog is mine, but the cat isn't ;-)

Martyna, class Ib


LaHusa said...

Girl from a disco club, I love you so more :)

To pani Gajda :)
I know that in my coment is a mistake, but it's a real song and if you want I can sing it during our lesson :)

paulbuch said...

Oh,sweet cat on a photo!

Pablo and Fernando said...

we also love the beatles and everything that is older than 30 years!


Aga 1b said...

MARTYNKA :) You've got very interesting photos... ;)