Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Kasia Wo. (1i)

Born on April 8th, 1995,
Resident of Lublin.
Peaceful, responsible and friendly,
Friend of Ola,
Who loves painting, music and pets,
Who is afraid of rats.
Who worries abaut fate of animals,
Who wants to see Paris and Italy,
And who dreams of becoming a painter.

Kasia, class Ii


molina said...

I like your photo very very very much.I love huskies.I also want to see Italy,I love pasta(lunch and money) xD.
good post.

Paweł 2g said...

I want to see Paris too

_GoToSleep_ said...

Nice photo , beautiful dogs ! =]

It's amazing ! xD

see you later

marcio311 said...

fantastic foto beautiful dogs

Lucia 3ºB said...

Hello! My name is Lucia I'm from Spain. I also like animals in special dogs.


Romina3ºB said...

Hi!My name is Romina,I'm from Spain.
I'm afraid of rats too, but I don't like pets.