Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jakub (1b)

Born on August 24th, 1995,
Resident of Lublin,
Talkative, honest and friendly,
Friend of all class IB students,
Who loves rock music, basketball and using computer,
Who is afraid of geography teacher,
Who worries about breaking down his computer, maths and school marks,
Who wants to see Skillet live concert and Spain
And who dreams of no homework.

Jakub, class Ib


Matthew^^1b said...

What is Skillet? Heavy metal? I dont like heavymetal! :PP

LaHusa said...

Kuba Kuba!!!
My friend from desk!!!!

Kuba 1b said...

Lawl, look at my intresting; It's rock. not heavy metal xp

marcio311 said...

Skillet metal?
i don' like metal...
buy you like this music
best wishes

Kuba 1b said...

Lawl, SKILLET IS NOT METAL! xD It's rock, not metal