Monday, October 6, 2008

Ola H. (1b)

Born on May 12th, 1995.
Resident of Lublin.
Confident, independent, crazy.
Friend of Karolina,
Who loves ballroom dancing and singing under the shower :)
Who is afraid of loneliness
Who worries about nature
Who wants to see current masters of ballroom dance
Wo dreams about warm life in future.

Ola, class 1b


Anonymous said...

I think you are a very interesting person.

mikolaj said...

hello !!!
I'm Mikolaj. i'm fourteen years old. It's Great photo. It's interesting photo.

Dziunia 2 i said...

Nice photo ;)

Anonymous said...

Hi Husa ... How are u ???
Best wishes :***

Goldilocks said...

Oh, how could I? *sighs* I'm going to jump out of my window (I live on first floor), really. I was reading "Breaking Dawn" when we had to write our posts. I can't believe I didn't mentioned Twilight series!
I asked Mrs. G. if I could edit my post (only add "Twilight" in brackets) but she refused. (Now she's probably going to strangle me 'cause I said that xD)
Btw. great photo! So how does this corn or something tastes? xD

patryq94 said...


nice photo ;)
i like danceing too!
and i like dancing with you :*

but i don't singing under the shower ;P

see you soon :*

PatrykA said...


_GoToSleep_ said...


Natural .... ;) I like too.

So good luck ;]

bets wishes

Nana said...

U are so beautifull I think U will be a famous star . Best wishes :)))

kacper said...

Hi ooo nice foto and nature.

good bye!!

mirek poldecki said...

Hello!! veri good foto!!!

Ania_eS said...

I love u too ;*
You're fantastic ;)

Piotr Mazur IB Poland said...

good apetite

Anonymous said...

Hi!!I also I am a bit crazy and I like to be independent.

I like very much dancing and singing in the disco or any place.

It is very funny your photo.

bye bye.kisses
sara 4B