Saturday, October 4, 2008

Mateusz R. (1b)

Born on August 19th 1995.
Resident of Lublin.
Cool, self-confident, nice,
Friend of Patrick,
Who loves football, music and computer games,
Who is afraid of bats,
Who worries about environment and the future of the endangered species,
Who wants to see a famous football player,
And who dreams of being a football player.

Mateusz R., class Ib


Montse Montes 3ºC said...

Hi Mateusz !

We like the same things!

i Love the footbal , it is the best sport!

I like music too , pop-rock music.

I love computer games especially sims 2 and warcraft 3 frothen throne.

Bye bye!

Bruno said...

Hi.I love football,and I want to become a famous football player and play in Sporting de Gijon.WE are very similar.

vanesa said...

We have a lot in common because we were born on the same day but diferent year.I like the same things as you but I don´t like the computer games.I also want to see a famous football player.

_GoToSleep_ said...

I love football ;]

Barca future winner.

See you.

marcio311 said...

I like football!!
nice photo!!

oscar 3ºB said...

i like the football very much
i played football 7 years , but don't this year
because i do atletisme and i train 5 dais.
I am very near of David Villa that is of Asturias.