Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Marcin G. (1b)


Born on May 4th, 1995,

Resident of Lublin.

Friendly, pleasant and sincere.

Friend of nature,

Who loves books, computer games and animals,

Who is afraid of spiders,

Who worries about future of planet,

Who wants to see Egypt,

And who dreams of becoming an architect.

Marcin, class 1b


mikolaj said...

It's great photo.

Matthew^^1b said...

Beauty castle! Congratulations of photo!

LaHusa said...

Marcin!!!! What about going to Egypt together?:D It will be fun, we will take Martyna to suitcase. And Bartek to bag, to have a guide, cause he knows a vicinity!:)

_GoToSleep_ said...

Great photo !!! It's a Lublin !!! =]

see youu......

Kolja said...


We're quiet similar, I'been born the 5th May 1993. I'm also friendly and sincere, and I also like books and computers. But I prefer motorbikes. I'm also afraid of spiders. I dream to be a cameraman, I'm going to study it.

Best wishes, Kolja!