Sunday, October 5, 2008

Magda W. (2g)


Born on May 16th, 1994.

Resident of Lublin.

Funny, crazy, irritable.

Friend of Asia, Basia, Justyna, Oliwka, Michał.

Who loves music, dance, chocolate.

Who is afraid of cockroaches.

Who worries about death, disease and extermination of the planet.

Who wants to see Wentworth Miller and Island Cuba.

And who dreams of passing biology exam.

Magda W., class 2g


justynek f 2g said...

good xD

maria said...

my birthday also is in may!!

we ike the similar thing

and I hates the dog


żabka said...

Oh...Magdalena ;D
hehe ;*
Good photo .

Paweł 2g said...

who is on this photo??

justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

Wentworth Miller xP horrible


mirek podlecki said...

hi .is beautiful veri good photo.

Ewela said...

hi!! Magda
I worry about death too.
Your phot is very cool, and I want to see Wentworth Miller too ;)))))