Friday, October 3, 2008

Kasia Br. (1i)

Born on December 30th, 1995,
Resident of Lublin,
Happy, crazy and nice,
Friend of Agnieszka Monika and Magda,
Who loves music, dance and basketball,
Who is afraid of spiders,
Who worries about violence in the world,
Who wants to see Australia and America,
And who dreams of becoming a journalist.

Kasia Br., class 1i


patri_mes3 said...

heeeeeeeee!!!!!!i am happy , crazy and nice....
byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee, kisss

justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

Oh! you born 30 december, I was born 4 december and i think that is bad day for born but 30 december!! :) but... when your friends say that they are old you can say that you are younger ;D
I tink that your job is very interesting ;)

_GoToSleep_ said...


Dance dance dance ... Everybode like this.

Nice photo , nice profil ;)