Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Alicja (2i)

Born on 12th August 1994,
Resident of Lublin.
Nice, friendly and polite.
Friend of Kasia,
Who loves to play basketball, listen to music and meet friends,
Who is afraid of worms, insects and ghosts,
Who worries about family, friends, animals and different people,
Who wants to see Egypt, France, Brazil and Greece,
And who dreams of becoming a doctor.

Alicja, class 2i


Wojtek2g said...

Piramids are very beautigul and big
!I saw them!!

Matthew^^1b said...

Is it your house? Joke! ^^
Beautifull photo with Pyramid!

KasiaD (2i) said...

I loves play basketball and listen to music, too.
Beautiful photo!

_GoToSleep_ said...

Hiho Aliccc ! ;]

Nice photo from Egypt xD

^^ Best wishes

Matthew 2i

_GoToSleep_ said...

Alicc ;] Best wishes Mati 2i

arek 1j said...

hi,alicja your photo is very very cool