Monday, December 1, 2008

Ola and Magda S., class 2i, Poland

1.You use multiple-use bag
2.You must segregate rubbish
3.You mustn't tread after grass matting 4.You must use fuel bio
5.You must take a shower but bath in bathtub not
6.You must uscrew plugs from bottles
7.You must lave included electronic equipment when unused
8.You must collect recycling paper
9.You must take care of plants
10.You mustn't dispatch trees
11.You must close fridge
12.You mustn't walk on the grass
13.You mustn't wash car in river
14.You must turn a tap
15.You must extinguish light
16.You mustn't use deodorants and for hair varnishes
17.You mustn't wearing fur
18.You must recycle

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