Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Vadim, 8"B", Russia


My name is Vadim

Born on July 14th, 1994,

Resident of Bogutchar( Russia ),

Clever, kind and handsome,

Friend of all classmates,

Who loves music, video-games and cats,

Who is afraid of dogs ,

Who worries about his parents and sister,

Who wants to meet English gentleman,

And who dreams of going to Britain.


Kasia 2g said...

Hi !
Nice nice :) You are first from Russia :) you are writing as first :)

nice plans ;P
And you aren't shy person I think ;) that's so good!

Byee :*:*

Madzia W. said...

yes, yes handsome :) I like you, best wishes and welcome in our blog. :D

Portuguese Teacher said...

Hi, Vadim! Welcome
You know a lot about yourself: handsome... uau. That's true!!
You have lots of charm; is that why you would like to meet gentleman?

I hope your wishes come true!


alberto said...

Hello.I hate the cats and I love the dogs.

Anonymous said...


I love de music and the animals!


esther said...


we have the similars hobies
I also love the cats and music
welcome to blog

Miriam Spain said...

Hello Vadim!
I like musiclike you!


Gosiaa^^ said...

Meet English gentelman? Interesting. I want too. ;d

żabka said...

Handsome .
yes, yes .
:p hahaha

But don't worry be happy ;)

Vadim.8 "B" Russia said...

Hello,Kasia!Thanks for your comment!Nice to meet you!

Vadim,8"B", Russia. said...

I intimately congratulate
With Christmas of all of you!
Happiness sincerely I wish
This light hour!
Let you will be lit up with light
From star height
Also will be executed æåëàíüÿ,
Plans and dreams.
Let unexpected good luck
Will excite blood.
And certainly, mean much
Friendship and love!