Saturday, December 6, 2008

Victorya-7ºD Portugal


Born on 10th May, 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Nice, Emo style and funny
Friend of Maria, Karyna and Tatyana
Who loves music, family and dance
Who is afraid of death
Who worries about studies, diseases and beauty
Who wants to see London, Maldivas Islands and New York
Who dreams of becoming a hairdresser or singer.


Lucy from Poland said...

I love dancing too.

Tomek K. Poland said...

HI Victoria nice photo and fine emo styles :]

marcio311 said...

nice photo
i don't like dance ;P

Anonymous said...

Is it your photo? I love dancing and music! bye


Kasia i Ola 2g said...

EMO rulez :PPP

In Poland this style is very popular !
We like you so much !


Madzia W. 2g said...

in Poland are emo people too. :) but in Poland we think that they are not good or that they are thinking about death. I think you are normal nice photo :D

Pamol:*** said...

You very beautiful photo:)


kasia(Poland) said...

nice hairstyle

carolinePOLAND said...

I L O V E dancing <3...XXX
an MUSIC !! :)
XXX ; **

patri_mes said...

i like your photo!!!
i like emo style and funny
love music and dance

żabka said...

nice emo ;)

I love music and dance too .
It's amazing.

Nice photo

victoria said...

Thank you for finding the beautiful photography x-D
I think that we'll just have a different way of thinking of things!
Thanks for letting me comment :-)

david 3ºA spain said...

I love dancing breakdance.My favourite music is hip hop.And you?You are very beautiful!! nice photo!!I like you!!!Happy chrismas and happy newe year!!Answer me please!!!thank you!!!

Kinga (1 b) said...

In Poland EMOstyle is very popular, but EMOpeople are depressed and embarrassed, they listen to bad music, they were black clothes with skulls...
I hope you don't do that. ;)
EMOpeople have beutiful hairstyle, funny trainers and headbands with ribbons and I like it.
I see you've got nice hairstyle and sweet tiara! ;)

simoneta 4ºB said...

are you the girl of the picture?
i also like dancing at parties.
i like you hair too.

bye bye

michcios999 said...

nice photo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love dancing

michcios999 said...

I love dancing