Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bruno-7ºD Portugal

Born on 21st March 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Friend of Nuno Ribeiro
Who loves computers, films, games and PS2
Who is afraid of spiders
Who worries about mother, father and friends
Who wants to see France and Netherlands
And who dreams of having a lot of money.


Lucy from Poland said...

The dog in the photo is so sweet!

LaHusa said...

Money isn't the most importatnt thing in the live. But the dog in this photo is bautiful.
best wishes.

Justyna m said...

I don't like spiders too. It's so ugly, I hate it.

kasia&kasia said...

beatifull dog
I love dog:)

żabka said...

You want to be rich.
It's not very important.

But best wishes.
I hate spides too.
They are horrible !

Bruno spain said...

Hi!!!!My name is Bruno too.I love a computers,films,games and xbox 360.

Paola & Ale said...

Hi!what a sweet dog! our names are Alexandra and Paola...we come from Italy...nice to meet you!