Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nuno-7ºD Portugal


Born on 22nd November, 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Intelligent, nice and cool
Friend of Raquel
Who loves pets, sports and Maths
Who is afraid of mice
Who worries about grades, being late and family
Who wants to see France and Italian
And who dreams of becoming a vet.


tomeklht said...

I love cat and dog.I very like animals.

Ewelina2G said...

I` ve got friend who likes the same things which you like ;D
that`s really great! You should meet her :)

lucia 3c said...


how are you????

funny photo!!!

żabka said...

I love Maths too.
Funny animals.
Are they yours ?

I like animals too.
Best wishes.

Asia Sz. said...

Hi Nuno ;))
Your post is very interesting.
oh, I want to see France and Italian too.
and this photo is beautiful.
I love dogs and cats. very nice animals :D