Saturday, December 6, 2008

Karyna S.-7ºD Portugal

Karyna S.-7ºD

Born on 29th April, 1995
Resident of Ribeira de S. João
Who is an Ukrainian girl, but I study in the Portugal
Funny, friendly and nice
Friend of Tatyana, Victória and Mariana
Who loves singing, dancing and talking
Who is afraid of spiders
Who worries about drugs, injustice and our future
Who wants to see smiles and friendship
And who dreams of always have good friends.


Lucy from Poland said...

Ukraine is very close to Poland. We are neighbours :)
Was it difficult to learn Portuguese? I'm planning to learn Portuguese or Spanish and can't decide which one to choose :)
Greetings from your Polish friend.

LaHusa said...

You're so possitiv person. I like you:) And your photo too:) best wishes from new polish friend Ola :)

Goldilocks said...

Why do you study in the Portugal?

God, you look so much like my best friend! :)

Zwijka said...

You like talking? Just like me!
I'm very talkative! Drugs is very big national problem and I worry about the increase of people taking drugs!

żabka said...

I want to have good friends too.
And I think everyone too.

Nice photo.
Don't worry, be happy . ;)

Vadim,8"B", Russia. said...

Hello!!! You VERY BEAUTIFUL!!!!
You Are right the Ukrainian girl???????? But you live in Portugal?????
I too the Ukrainian guy but live in Russia!!!!
You Frequently are in Ukraine??????????
I Yes!!! Each summer!!!
I like you!!!:)I think at us there are many general(common) interests!!!