Saturday, December 6, 2008

Ana Beatriz (Kiki) – 7ºB Portugal

Ana Beatriz (Kiki) – 7ºB

Born on 5th November, 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Responsible, interested and modern
Friend of Daniela, João Sabino, Susana and Mariana
Who loves family and pets
Who is afraid of snakes
Who worries about family and friends
Who wants to see Miami, Jamaica and London
Who dreams of becoming a Crime Scene Investigator


Lucy from Poland said...

I have never been to Miami but it must be a great place to visit.

Ewelina2G said...

You`re such a pretty girl!

CarolinePOLAND said...

ohhh You are very pretty ! :)
I like your beauty :* XXX

Bye bye ..:)

susana (portugal) said...

These very cute in this picture.
These very dark.
susana kisses (Portugal)

żabka said...

funny photo.

You love pets ...
Do you want to be a vet ?

Best wishes .