Saturday, December 6, 2008

Bárbara-7ºD Portugal


Born on 30th March, 1995
Resident of Rio Maior
Talkative, nice and playful
Friend of Mafalda
Who loves motorbikes, animals and sports
Who is afraid of mice
Who worries about marks, family and animals
Who wants to see India and Paris
Who dreams of riding a motorbike in a World Championship.


Lucy from Poland said...

Your name is popular in Poland. The director of our school is called Barbara too.
Nice to meet you.

Tiger 2g said...

Paris - the town of love... ;d

LaHusa said...

Oh I talkative like you:) My cat often brings me mice and it' really awful ;). Your name is beautiful. One polish actress plays a Barbara in cult polish series "L like Love" /polish: M jak Miłość/ and everyone loves her form.And everyone likes mrs Barbara Warda- it's aour director of school :)

Asia & Monika 2g said...

I had a cat just like yours! It's beautiful! I love his eyes...

Ivan 4ºB said...

Your cat is very similar to my cousin´s cat.....CASCARITA....

żabka said...

Don't worry abuot marks.

You like motorbikes ?!
It's dangerous.

Nice cat.

...*mArYaN...* spain said...

Do you like motorbikes??
I like very much!!
Have you got a motorbike??
I have got two.
I like your cat.
good blues eyes

paulbuch said...

I like this cat.I have never meet a girl who likes motorbikes but maybe it is interesting.You have to be very careful!

Kinga (1 b) said...

Barbara is our director of school. ;)
A girl and motorbike? Wow! ;)
I wish you luck in sport!