Saturday, December 6, 2008

Inês-7ºD Portugal


Born on 13th April, 1995
Resident of Ribeira de S.João
Distracted, talkative and restless
Friend of Catarina
Who loves TV, computer and listening to music
Who is afraid of mice
Who worries about poverty, war and friendship
Who wants to see Paris and London
Who dreams of becoming a photographer


Ania Król said...

What a sweet kittens on this photo! ^^
Are they yours?
Greetings! ;)

Anonymous said...

Photo is the best. Pets are friendly and beautiluf.


kasia said...

nice dog

żabka said...

I love photos.
Photografer ... it's a nice job.

Sweet kittens.
I love cats and I have one in my home.

vanesa 3ºA said...

your photo is very beutiful.
I like cats!I´ve one cat.