Saturday, December 6, 2008

Miguel – 1ºB Portugal

Miguel – 1ºB

Born on 21th November, 1994
Resident of S.João da Ribeira
Friendly, funny and absent-minded
Friend of everyone
Who loves skating
Who is afraid of spiders
Who worries about pollution
Who wants to know how to skate well
Who dreams of becoming a professional skater


Lucy from Poland said...

I'm afraid of spiders too. They are ugly.
You have many fans! I can see that in the photo.
Have a great day.

paulbuch said...

I hope you'll be a professional skater.I think you are very ambitious.
Good luck!

Kasia 2g said...

Very nice photo :)

Are your friends on the picture?
Best wishes from me :*:*

Ola 2 g said...

friend of everone?? it's sounds great!!

best wishes :)

Anonymous said...

I am afraid of spiders too. nice photo. Are your fiends on the picture?


asia 2g said...

friend of everyone
mine too:))

best wishes

Ewelina2G said...

I wanna join you! ;D
You had lots of fun on that beach ;D

sadzona said...

I afraid of spiders too.

I hate it!

nice to meet you;P

Miriam Spain said...


You have got much friends.

Bye Bye

Sara from Spain 3ºC said...

How are you??
Where is that beach??

Bye bye

Anonymous said...

Hi! We're three students
from Spain!
We're also worried about pollution and the future of the Earth. Skate is great but
we think it's really
difficult to become a
professonal skater.
Good luck!
Andrea, Axo & Ana.

Ronald 4b spain said...

Hi, I like the skateboards,I also do it in the evenings.