Saturday, December 6, 2008

António – 7ºB Portugal

António – 7ºB

Born on 14th March, 1996
Resident of Vila da Marmeleira
Nice, absent-minded and playful
Friend of Vasile and Tiago
Who loves computers
Who is afraid of computer’s disappearance
Who worries about computer’s disappearance
Who wants to have 50 computers

Who dreams of becoming a computer’s teacher


Ania Król said...

Oh gosh! What would you need 50 computers to? :D
Looks like you like computers very much xd
I hope it's not your only hobby! :D
Greetings ^^

tomeklht said...

nice mascott and I like food McDonald`s

Anonymous said...

I love to McDonalds! I don't love to computer, but I very like computer and Internet. Greetings from Poland.


justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

I love eat in McDonald's,

why you want 50 computers?

OLA I KASIA 2G said...

we love macdonalds:P

we have already liked YOU:*******

Karolina i Paulina said...

oh, I like Mcd too but I think that this food is not healthy ; )

Tiger 2g said...

McDonald! I love it! xD

Ewelina2G said...

I love eating McDonald`s food!
But they make people fatter and fatter :(

POpomelcia:** said...

Great clown:)

Funny photo:8


Kasia(Ppoland) said...

funny photograph

Anonymous said...

I also like macdonals

Anonymous said...

You like to macdonals

vasile said...

beautiful clown

Sofia Amaro said...

very good this initiative is all very well in the photos congratulations kisses

Rosa!! said...

Hi Antonimo!!

How are you??¿

your photo is very funny!!

Good bye!!

Maria from Spain 3ºC said...

I like donald mcdonald

Your photo is very funny!!

bye bye

żabka said...

50 computers.
What will you do with theme ?

McDonalds !
I love fast-food ;)

But 50 computers ?!
You are crazy ! ;]

Anonymous said...

I'm Manuel from Spain I'm also afraid of computers dissapearance