Saturday, December 6, 2008

Elisabete – 1ºB Portugal

Elisabete – 1ºB

Born on 25h October, 1993
Resident of Azambujeira
Funny, friendly and stubborn
Friend of Rúben
Who loves her mother
Who is afraid of snakes
Who worries about her mother’s health
Who wants to have a nice job
Who dreams of having a beautiful house in the country


Lucy from Poland said...

I wish a lot of health to your Mum.
You seem to be a very friendly and kind person.
Greetings from your new Polish friend :)

paulbuch said...

I hope your mother will be healthy, you'll find a job and
Everything will be ok.
Good luck!

Kasia 2g said...

I wish your mum a lot of health :)

And good luck with everything :**
best wishes:*

Ola 2 g said...

I afraid of snakes too

i hope that your mother will be healthy:)

best wishes:)

LaHusa said...

Your mum will be healthy. Don't worry. If you got photos like this you will find job everywhere you want :) really ;) Best wishes from polish friend Ola 1b :)

justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

you have nice poem,
I afraid of snakes too,
I wish your mum a lot of health

sadzona said...


I hate snakes too!

they are slippery and strange ugh.


magdaz2g said...

I love my mother too. You have got beautiful dream. bye:*

Nana said...

Greetings for you mother ...
you are so beautiful
best wishes

Zwijka said...

What is wrong with your mother?
Can someone help her ?
I think that it will be okey soon! Just don't worry and believe that everything can happen!

Greetings from Poland ;**

laura Spain said...

I afraid snakes too..
I want to see Portugal..

laura Spain said...

I AM afraid OF snakes too..
I want to see Portugal..

żabka said...

Don't worry.
Everything will be Ok. ;)

I think you'll have a nice job and a beautiful house.

best wishes.

Aga1b said...

You musn't be joyless !

You must hope that your mother will be healthy.

Best wishes for you and your mother ;)

Kinga (1 b) said...

I'm afraid of snakes too. ;]
You must look after your mum.
I wish her a lot of health.
Bye! ;)

Ola K. 1i Poland said...

My name is Ola. :)
Very good!
I salute :)