Saturday, December 6, 2008

Tatyana-7ºD Portugal


Born on 26th December, 1994
Resident of Rio Maior
I’m an Ukrainian girl, but I study in the Portugal
Friend of Karyna, Victorya and Maryana
Who loves playing computer games, singing and walking with friends
Who is afraid of lizards
Who worries about drugs
Who wants to see friendship and smiles
And who dreams of always be happy


Lucy from Poland said...

Is it your cat? It looks gorgeous!!!

marcio311 said...

beautiful cat
i love animal!!
cya ^^

Asia 2g said...

Everybody wants to be happy:)

You've got sweet cat! ^^

magdazsadzona said...

Is it your cat? We like cat very much. Greetings from Poland.

sadzona said...

I have got a cat too;*;* My cat has got very long hair;*;*

kasia (Poland) said...

nice photograph

jenny said...

hi tatyana!!

That nice cat!!!

i love cats


żabka said...

be happy . ;D

I love walking with friends too.
I love meeting them and spending time with theme.

Nice cat.

nuno ribeiro said...

you love a animals
mi to
happy new year
happy chirtmas

Kinga (1 b) said...

You've got very nice cat. ;)
I like your name - it's beautiful. In Poland we have talented and beautiful singer and dancer - Tatiana Okupnik. I like her. ;)
Happy New Year!