Thursday, December 11, 2008

Ann, 8"B", Russia

Born on November 15th, 1994,
Resident of Bogutchar( Russia ),
Clever,kind and handsome,
Friend of Olga,
Who loves rock-opera"Nightwish", Edgar Poe and detective stories,
Who is afraid of ... ,
Who worries about her sister and her pet,
Who wants to see England,
And who dreams of meeteng new friends.


Ivan 4ºB said...

I like the detective stories, but I don´t like the rock-opera.

Lucy from Poland said...

Edgar Poe is one of my favourite writers, I like his short stories a lot, although they are scary.
Lots of greetings from your new Polish friend.

MARIIA said...


I also was born in november,
a day afther you!


Polish friend said...

What kind of pet have you got?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing your great poem and photo.

Monika 2g said...

Oh.. Nightwish is incredible. I like that many people listen it.
I want to you listen Within Temtation. It's great music.

best wishes ;))

Zuzanna 1b said...

I love detective stories and NIGHTWISH, too ;d
I thint that you're very interesting person ;d

greetings ;*

Anonymous said...

punks khoy!