Saturday, December 6, 2008

Nuno – 7ºB Portugal

Nuno – 7ºB

Born on 14th May, 1996
Resident of Arrouquelas
Simple, good student and interesting
Friend of João Sabino
Who loves drawing, friends and family
Who is afraid of ghosts
Who worries about family
Who wants to travel to London
Who dreams of my future job


paulbuch said...

ghosts are really horrible:)but I have never seen them.

Ania Król said...

Funny photo ;)
Was it painted by you?
Greetings ^^

Przemek Kusiak class 2i - Poland - Lublin said...

Not bad but I don't know what is it.Sorry;-]

_GoToSleep_ said...

What is on the photo :? ;)
Is it eagle ;?

I don't know :/

But nice...


Ola 2 g said...


cool photo:)


Nuno said...

yes,it is paited by y

y see one ghost in my room, but do not know if it was a dream, it was an illusion or something else

and on the fhoto, is a cock DJ

More questions, comment

tomeczek said...

What is this?!

Tiger 2g said...

toribble photo ;/ whtat is it!?
I want to go to London too ;)

Asia 2g said...

I'm affraid of ghosts too!


justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

you want to see London yes??

Why you don't want to see Poland!!
Why anybody who write in this blog don't want to see Poland!! hm?!

I think that you must write something about my BEUTIFUL AND INTERESTING country!!!

best wishes :)

Asia & Monika 2g said...

If you want go to London, I can take you with me ;)) I go there for Christmas ^^

best wishes ;*

Nuno said...


and the foto is a kock DJ, is painted for me.

Y go to my theacher to one country but y dont know if it for Poland ;)

greetings for all, and thank you for comment

moisEs said...

That is your image?
It looks like a deformed hen

To my also I am the ghosts afraid


Klau!! said...


how are you??¿

your photo is very funny!!

żabka said...

I don't believe in ghosts.
What job do you prefer ?

Nice picture ;P