Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tanya, 8"B", Russia

Born on April 15th,1995,
Resident of Bogutchar (Russia),
Pretty, clever and resourceful,
Friend of Lera,
Who loves dance-music, love stories and computer games,
Who is afraid of insects,
Who worries about study, good marks and knowledge,
Who wants to see England and English Queen,
And who dreams of meeting many friends.


Nana said...

U are right . U are preety
Greetings :*

Lucy from Poland said...

Don't be afraid of insects, some of them are cute. For example ladybirds. I love love stories too :) Hope your dream will come true and you will have a cup of tea with the British queen some day. Lots of greetings from your new friend.

Monika 2g said...

You have beautifull name. I agree with you about insect... particularly when it's bite.
I hope that your dreams come true. Best wishehs ;)

Polish friend said...

I agree with Monika - your name is beautiful. Is it a short form of Tatiana?

Tanya,8"B",Russia said...

Yes,I like my name,too.It's really short from Tatiana!Nice to meet you!

Kinga (1 b) said...

Insects are friendly - ladybirds or butterflies! ;)
Don't be afraid, insects are 100 times smaller than you and they can't aggrive you! ;)
Best wishes from Poland!