Saturday, December 6, 2008

Frederico – 7ºB Portugal

Frederico – 7ºB

Born on 2nd February, 1996
Resident of Assentiz
Talkative, nice and playful
Friend of Susana
Who loves Susana
Who is afraid of heights
Who worries about father, mother and sister
Who wants to be as good as Messi
Who dreams of meeting Messi


Lucy from Poland said...

You've got a nice Santa's hat.

Ola 2 g said...

you have very cool hat:)

You look for friendly person:)

best wishes:)

tomeklht2i said...

Oh santa clau..I very like santa clau.To him faith though I know that it unexists.

Asia 2g said...

You've got beautiful eyes! ;)

justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

Ho, ho, ho ;)

who is messi? 0_o

I wish you weeding with this girl whoes name i start for S (sory but i forget :))

antonio said...

that channel and you were to do

Maria from Spain 3ºC said...


I like your hat
I like Messi like you but I prefer David Villa!!


żabka said...

Susana ? ;D
Best wishes.

Nice hat. ;)
Are you going to give me a present ?

hahaha .