Tuesday, December 9, 2008

One more new partner... and one more quiz

Our students must have been very good - Santa Claus has got a fantastic present for us! :)
One more school decided to join us and participate in Meeting Blog Project, which is great news. Before the new brilliant students and their superb teacher will be introduced, we have a quiz for you. It was created by the new team. Well done!
Can you guess the name of their country? Please, leave your answer in Comments section. Good luck!


1. Our country is the largest in the world. Ural Mountains divide Eurasian continent - and our country - to Europe and Asia. The country is taking the area of 17.1 million square kilometers – it is like USA and Europe together and the country is 9 000,00 kilometers from east to west and 5000 from north to south.
2. The capital of our country is famous for its Red Square.
3. The second largest city is called the "Northern capital".
4. The differences are less noticeable among younger people who seem to have almost completely embraced the western lifestyle, but the generation of people born in the second half of the 20th century still has some peculiar mix of the old attitudes and the modern western lifestyle.
5. Our popular food is “borshch” and “pelmeny’’.
6. Our people are good-natured people with certain beliefs, which may seem strange at the first sight, but quite understandable if you look a bit closer.
7. Religion has long played an important role in the culture and lives of the people of our country. It has influenced government, created holidays and given people hope for better things during the most desperate times.


Kasia i Ola 2g said...

We think it's a Rusiia ;)

Monika & Asia 2g said...

welcome Russia! ;))

magdazsadzona said...

It is Russia.

Justa i Madzia said...

Russia!! Welcome in our blog!!!

Karolina i Paulina said...

Karolina Paulina ;)

Justyna m said...


adrian said...

i's russia

Bruno said...

The new country is Russia

vanesa 3ºA said...

It´s Rusia!!!

Marián said...

The new country It`Russia

...NaTy... said...

It's Russia!!!

bye bye

alejandro spain said...

w country is Rusia

alvaro 3ºa said...

it ``s russia
the new country is russia

wanda y kelly 3A said...

¡¡hello!! the photo cool ;)

Piotr M. IB said...


Adrian 1B said...

I think it's Russia :)

Vadim,8"B" Russia said...

It very abruptly.. I always wanted to communicate, send êîìåíòàðèè such as I, to people from other countries. And this áëîã in it very much helps me!!!!!!!! Thank!!!!!!

I intimately congratulate
With Christmas of all of you!
Happiness sincerely I wish
This light hour!
Let you will be lit up with light
From star height
Also will be executed æåëàíüÿ,
Plans and dreams.
Let unexpected good luck
Will excite blood.
And certainly, mean much
Friendship and love!