Saturday, December 6, 2008

Raquel-7ºD Portugal


Born on 17th November, 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Short, cool and beautiful
Friend of Ana Teresa, Jessica, Beatriz and Nuno
Who loves dogs, chocolates and basketball
Who is afraid of mice
Who worries about pollution
Who wants to see Egypt
And who dreams of becoming a sports teacher


Lucy from Poland said...

My mum is a sports teacher!
You've got such a sweet puppy in the photo.

marcio311 said...

sweet dog
i love animals
cya ^^

Anonymous said...

I love chocolates too and I want to see Egypt.


LaHusa said...

What a sweet puppy in the photo!
I love it. You must so athletic that you want to be a sport teacher and you schould have a bit of patience;) best wishes from new polish friend

sadzona said...

very beautioful and sweet dog ;*


Justyna m said...

I like dogs too. It so sweet and nice. Is this your dog on this photo?

Pam;:}} said...

It's sweet dog:))

żabka said...

It's annoying job.
I don't want to be teacher.

Funny photo.
Is it a dog there ?

Kinga (1 b) said...

Is it your dog? It's sweet! ;)
Sports teacher - interesting job. What sport do you like? I like volleyball, badminton, cycling and rollerblading. ;)
Best wishes

Asia Sz. said...

This photo is beautiful ;]]
I love dog !

I want to see Egypt too,