Saturday, December 6, 2008

Cristiano – 7ºB Portugal

Cristiano – 7ºB

Born on 4th April, 1996
Resident of Póvoas
Talkative, nice and playful
Friend of Francisco, Leonardo and João
Who loves to be with friends
Who isn’t afraid of anything
Who worries about cats
Who wants to have a great motorbike
Who dreams of everything


paulbuch said...

I love cats!

Lucy from Poland said...

Cats are great!

Ola 2 g said...

i like cats too:)

best wishes:)

Asia & Monika 2g said...

don't you affraid of anything? you are very brave boy I think :)

żabka said...

Why do you worry about cats ?
They are nice animals.

You are afraind of nothing ?!
I don't believe you.

nice photo

Asia Sz. said...

hi Cristiano.
I born in April too ;))

afraid of nothing? hym. interesting :D

greetings .