Saturday, December 6, 2008

Jessica-7ºD Portugal


Born on 17th April, 1996
Resident of Rio Maior
Nice, distracted and funny
Friend of Patrícia, Raquel and Ana Teresa
Who loves animals, basketball and family
Who is afraid of spiders
Who worries about pollution and family
Who wants to see Cuba and USA
Who dreams of becoming a doctor


marcio311 said...

nice photo
i like forest

Ewelina2G said...

In this clothes you look like a real movie star!

Kasia i Ola 2g said...

you have a great smile!!

nice photo:)
Nice plans for the future have you got :)
Best wishes :*

Nana said...

I am afraid of spiders too :*

Kiki said...


I was the Cuba.É very cute, the Cubans are friendly.


Ania_es said...

I love basketball too.


żabka said...

nice photo.

You want to be a doctor.
I think it's horrible job.

I love animals too.