Monday, December 1, 2008

Agnieszka J. and Malgosia, class 2i, Poland

1. You can cycle to school.
2. You can wash a car in your garden.
3. You must segregation rubbish.
4. You can make an ecological poster.
5. You can't use dope.
6. You can't smoke.
7. You can partake in ecological actions.
8. You can wear ecological bag.
9. You mustn't throw out rubbish in public park and forest.
10. You can use saving energy bulb.
11. You can organize collecting waste-paper.
12. You mustn't trample grass.
13. You mustn't cut tree.
14. You can't use a mobile phone because you kill a bee.
15. You can use biofuel.
16. You can use aquatic filter.
17. You can limit adaption electronic machine.
18. You mustn't kill animal!!!
19. You can't wear animal fur.


marian said...

good photo!!!

Agatka Poland [Lublin] said...

Woow...It's very nice! ;)
Kiss 4 u! ;**