Monday, December 1, 2008

Monika S., class 1i, Poland

Throw out garbage
segregate garbage
to persuade the elderly to shift to bicycles
enlighten people of threat
Obey before actions threatening environment
Show threats
Tread plants
not wreck greengrocery
No pollution woods
no pollution waters
no fire in forests
choose a healthy vigor
protest against the creation of new factories
choose bags, which they serve the environment
do not use chemical fertilizers
collect garbage organic
do not startle the animal in the forest
incline for the production of goods to re-use
promote renewable energy sources
do not pluck endangered plant species
do not kill endangered species of animals


Caroline&MagdaPOLAND said...

Monika! :) Your post is very nice.
I like him .
Bye Bye ;*

Elizka Poland said...

Very great!