Monday, December 1, 2008

Mateusz S., class 2i, Poland

Ecological Problem

Our planet is dirty and full of dust. We risk losing our drinking-water through pollution from dumps. Nature is at risk so we must ask a guestion: How could we help our planet? Only people can avert fates of all World doing following things :

* segreagation rubbish
* don't use a plastic materials
* don't use toxic things
* apply altearnitive source of enrgy
* natural quilite your homes

We can single out following pollutions :

* earth pollution
* aquatic pollution
* air pollution

In conclusion, we must protect our natural environment, We should use ecological products which aren't tested on animals and which are respected by environment. There are many reasons of degradation our planet: tanker leaks, factory waste material, so we must face up to this risk and take a action.

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