Monday, December 1, 2008

Marcin B. and Rafał S., class 1b, Poland

The destroing our planet is the worst thing that we can imagine. I would like to our planet will be clean and healthly in future. We must stop destroing planet now, because in future it will be dirty and ugly ...
I think we should slow down global warming. In this destination we should turn off unnessescary computers, TV and ligts. Cars are produced a lot of exhaust fumes and we have to travel by bike and roller blades. Both with a global warming , a destroing the rain forest is bad for our environment. The rain forests are main producer of oxigent. In the rain forest lives a lot of different and amazing kind of animals!
Both with destroing the rain forest we kill that amazing creation. We should stop destroing our planet ! We will live here all our life ! Imagine how our planet will look after 100 years !


Zuzaa. said...

You are pretty.

Elizka Poland said...

Elo, what there?
I am greeting!