Monday, December 1, 2008

Magda L. and Kasia K., class 2i, Poland

If people want to be ecological, they must:

-watch a bit television
-eat a ecological food
-ride a bike
-segregate rubbish
-save energy
-throw out garbage
-have a short shower
-collect waste paper
-use deodorant in roll-on
-look after plant
-clear after your pets
-use leaded petrol
-limit use a telephones and electric device
-recycle a rubbish

If people want to be ecological, they musn't:

-buy any plastic items
-kill animals
-destroy nature
-throw out garbage to river or lake
-riding a car
-use many energy
-use many water
-distroy forest
-walk on the grass
-use warnish to hair and nails
-eat imitation food
-use imitation fertilizer

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