Monday, December 1, 2008

Amanda and Kasia Br., class 1i, Poland

1.Throw garbage into litter bins.
2.No cutting down woods.
3.Don't contaminate the environment.
4.Respect green.
5.Clean after animal during walks.
6. Try to use ecological means of transport.
7.use eco-friendly shopping bags
8.If you do not use toys, games or books – before you throw them away - think, maybe they can be of use for somebody.
9.Talk with parents and friends about it, you can make environmental protection a natural common topic of conversation.


gregor said...

Biology for ever ^^

Kasia (Poland) said...

Very nice

KatarynQa. said...

Your name is nice.
You should beleved you. Don't be shy!

Puumex:} said...

It's fanny photo:))

Elizka Poland said...

Cool info! I am greeting!;)))

Ola K. 1i Poland said...

This is beautiful.
I salute. ;)