Monday, December 1, 2008

Agnieszka D., class 2i, Poland

1.You can't throw litter.
2.You can't wash car in the river.
3.You can cycle to school.
4.You must segregate rubbish.
5.You must save stream.
6.You can't smoke.
7.You can carry ecological bag.
8.You can't use dope.
9.You can't drive a car.
10.You must saving energy.
11.You must collect waste paper.
12.You mustn't trample grass.
13.You mustn't react tree.
14.You must clear after pets.
15.You can't use a mobile phone.
16.You mustn't use a leaded petrol.
17.You can't use a nail varnish.
18.You can use aquatic filter.
19.You can't kill animal.
20.You can use a imitation food.

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