Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Magda L. (2i)

Magda ...
Born on June 5th, 1994,
Resident of Lublin.
Crazy, shy and cheerful,
Friend of Ola,
Who loves to dance, sing and meet with friends,
Who is afraid of spiders,
Who worries about family and future,
Who wants to see Greece and some famous dancers,
And who dreams of love.

Magda L., class 2i


kelly said...

we have a lot in common. I am shy and cheerful. I love computers and
the music
I am afraid of spiders too.

_GoToSleep_ said...

"You can dance" =]

I like this program , beaceuse ... i like have goof fun ;]

See you...

Asia Sz. said...

Madziaa ;*

great photo !
you can dance xdd

patryq94 said...

i love to dance too ;)
i know "you can dance" you are realy good at it ;))
good louck at dance!
see you..

justyna f. 2g ;-) said...

if you are shy I am elephant ;P

I wish you big love ;)


Ewela said...

Your photo is very fantastic!!
I like dance too.;)

zaniu said...

this girl at photo is very nice in brakdance...

who flair you dancing